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SwingView Pro TM Overview
SwingView Pro TM is a suite of analysis programs specifically designed for golf. It is aimed at providing the teaching professional with inexpensive, easy-to-use and feature rich video analysis tools.
SwingView Pro TM can display the golf swing in real-time video, slow motion, frame by frame, comparison or overlay to easily identify areas of improvement for the student. Each swing is automatically captured using sound triggering technology. The last captured swing is displayed and ready for playback.
A full set of drawing tools are available to annotate the swing. The drawings can be saved with the swing and will be automatically displayed whenever the swing is selected.
Full featured swing comparison and overlay capabilities are part of SwingView Pro TM. It automatically synchronizes the swings for playback or it can be manually synchronized at any swing position. Players can be resized and moved to create perfect alignment for the Overlay window.
Frame by frame views can be shown for the swing. These frame views can be saved or printed (poster size if desired). The displayed frames are automatically calculated to give the best view of the swing or they can be manually selected, if desired.
For more details on SwingView Pro TM features, click on the screen images on the left to display detailed information about the screen or take a guided tour with the Online Tutorials.
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