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SwingView Pro TM Announcements
SwingView Pro and BodiTrak Integration
Swing Technologies announces our integration with the premier pressure mat, BodiTrak. We have joined two great technologies together to provide a seamless integration with the SwingView Pro and BodiTrak. The BodiTrak Pressure Mat works with the SwingView Pro to capture the golfer’s foot pressure, center of pressure, vertical force, front to back and side to side transition velocity and balance percentages. All these values are synced, captured and stored for each frame of video for swing playback. As the swing is being played back the values in pressure chart are updated per frame and the frame indicator is moved through the vertical force and velocity charts.
SwingView Pro and FlightScope Integration
Swing Technologies announces our integration with the premier ball and club tracking system, FlightScope. Working closely with Flightscope we joined two great technologies together to provide a seamless integration with the SwingView Pro and FlightScope Kudu and Prime. While FlightScope provides a myriad of swing data, it also serves as the capture trigger for the SwingView Pro providing automated video capture. Each video is linked to the corresponding swing data record in the FlightScope, so the SVP video and the FlightScope shot data are always in sync. For more information please contact Swing Technologies at techsupport@swingtechnologies.com or FlightScope at 407-967-7121.
Support all Flir High Speed Cameras
SwingView Pro supports the full line of Flir's high speed cameras. The BlackFly S provides a capture frame rate of 225 fps 1440x1080 in color. The Chameleon3 provides a capture frame rate of 150 fps @ 1280x1024 in color. Both cameras use USB 3 and up to 4 cameras can be used simutaneously.
**NEW** Support For Full HD Video at 225 FPS **New**
New for 2020 is support for the Flir BlackFly S cameras. Capture video at 1440x1080 @ 225 FPS on four cameras simultaneousely.
Casio EX-F1 Integration
If you already own a Casio EX-F1 camera, the SwingView Pro is the only anlysis software that provides direct integration with the EX-F1. Capturing high speed video and still shots is fully automatic, no need to touch the EX-F1. Use the SVP to trigger the video capture on up to 26 cameras simultaneously. You can even mix frame rates for multi-cameras using 300, 600 and 1200 fps at the same time. The video is immediately captured directly to the SVP video folder and added to the swing list. Unlike other video systems, no time consuming video re-encoding is required to view the EX-F1 video. SVP even provides a wireless interface to capture video so you do not even need to touch the computer. For more information on this great new feature, please contact Swing Technologies at techsupport@swingtechnologies.com.
Sample Swing 1 300 fps
Sample Swing 2 300 fps
Sample Swing 3 300 fps
Sample Swing 4 1200 fps
Swings of Top 100 Teacher Gary Wiren taken with SVP and the Casio EX-F1 at 6 angles simultaneously.
Gary Wiren A (Down The Line) 300 fps
Gary Wiren B (Front) 300 fps
Gary Wiren C (Side) 300 fps
Gary Wiren D (Behind) 300 fps
Gary Wiren E (Above) 300 fps
Gary Wiren F (Ball View) 600 fps
For more information on the EX-F1 go to http://www.exilim.com/intl/ex_f1/
Casio Ex-F1
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