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The SwingView ProTM Video Analysis Suite
 Swing Technologies provides the latest technology in swing analysis software for golf and other sports. SwingView Pro TM is a suite of feature rich, easy to use and, most importantly, affordable motion capture and analysis programs. It supports the latest laptops and computers including Windows 10 with touch screens. SwingView Pro was designed for pros by pros to provide a comprehensive software suite for video analysis.
With SwingView Pro TM you can...
Increase your teaching revenues
Increase you effectivness as a teacher
Give yourself a competitive edge over other teaching professionals.
SwingView Pro TM - is the main program of the analysis suite. It provides motion video capture using sound or motion triggering technology to automatically capture and store each swing during a lesson. It has a rich assortment of analysis tools to impress your students.
SwingWatch Live TM - is a unique live video program that provides realtime parameter coaching. Coaching Paramters can provide realtime negative feedback on swing faults or positve feedback on swing corrections. Great for teaching or student practice.
SwingView Pro Online TM - provides the abilty for the instructor to give real time Internet lessons to students any where in the world. It provides Voice Over IP, real time drawing, and real time playback. Almost as good as being on the lesson tee with your student.
SwingViewer Student CD - allows you to create lessons that the student can use at home. Provide a custom introduction, drills, pro swings, and student swings with analysis all in a easy to use student CD.
Below are a few of the many outstanding features that are part of the SwingView Pro Video Analysis Suite:
Automatic Swing capture using sound or motion triggering technology
Manual swing capture using the mouse or keyboard
Up to 4 cameras USB 3 or Firewire 800 high speed cameras
Advanced CD buring to create interactive Student CD free of charge
Playback up to 6 video at same time with advance frame syncing
Complete set of drawing tools for swing annotation with "Graphics By Frame"
Add voice or text comments for any swing
Frame by frame playback using mouse or arrow keys
Automatic impact frame detection
View Swing Frames and print poster size
Side by side (up to 6) and overlay swing comparisons
Variable speed and loop playback
Advanced Internet teaching with SwingView Pro OnlineTM
Print or save any image with grids and annotations
E-Mail swings, pictures, lessons from within SVP
Live Parameter Coaching with SwingWatch LiveTM
Advanced video editing tools including trimming and color enhancements
Automatic swing plane trace during playback
Interfaces with the P3Pro and Dancin' Dogg for capture and shot data
Network ready. Mount any network drive for swing storage
Record video drills to include on Student CD
Player information database
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